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i made all of my icons. don't gank them, k?

for more of my icons and graphicwork, pleaes visit (and join) randomforkday.

wicked huge thanks to crackified for the ESOTM and R+J Mood theme and to re_cycled for inspiration, codes, and general awesomeness.

about me
My name is Liwl and I am 20 years old. Currently I am a college student studying psychology, with the ultimate goal of become a therapist specializing in teens OR a high school counselor. I struggle with an eating disorder and self injury, and it is the professionals that I have worked with who have inspired me to help others. Hopefully my experience on one side of the couch will help me with the other.

I'm into music (mostly alternative and industrial) and art of all kinds--poetry, painting, graphic design, writing, sculpture... anything that allows me to express myself. So yeah. There ya go.